The Costa Rica Hot Springs Experience

costa rica summersThere are so many wonderful things to do in Costa Rica that it can be hard to prioritize, but you don’t want to miss the Costa Rica Hot springs experience of one of the most popular destinations—the Arenal hot springs—just west of the town of La Fortuna. There’s no better way to release stress and relax during your vacation to beautiful Costa Rica than soaking in the healing, volcano-heated waters of the Arenal hot springs.

Costa Rica host hot springs and thermal pools that have long been renowned for their relaxing and curative properties. Spa fans today understand the logic behind the Romans and the Georgians love for thermal bathing. Soaking in a thermal spring is arguably one of the most relaxing experiences nature can offer. Hot springs are also known as a way of helping relive the symptoms related to swollen joints, arthritis, muscle fatigue, ligament damage, eczema, nasal congestion, and poor blood circulation. La Fortuna and the surrounding area has a lot to offer, if you’re looking for a relaxing, regenerative hot spring experience.

MountainsGeographically speaking, the dormant Arenal Volcano is in north-western Costa Rica around 90 km northwest of San José, in the province of Alajuela, canton of San Carlos, and district of La Fortuna. The Arenal volcano measures at least 1,633 metres (5,358 ft) high. It is conically shaped with a crater 140 metres (460 ft) in diameter. Geologically, Arenal is considered a young volcano and it is estimated to be less than 7,500 years old. It is also known as “Pan de Azúcar”, “Canaste”, “Volcan Costa Rica”, “Volcan Río Frío” or “Guatusos Peak”.


So, what are the hot springs?
These are pools water that result from rain filtering through the earth lakeand being geothermally heated. This water absorbs minerals, is heated and pressurized and then returns to the surface in the form of steam and springs, rich with the minerals it absorbed during the journey.

In Costa Rica, the most safe and accessible hot springs are private properties which are often also spas, some are also attached to hotels and restaurants. With water temperatures ranging from 30C (86F) to 50C (122F), the main appeal are the outdoor pools full of the relaxing mineral-rich water, heated by the Arenal Volcano. The stunning views of the volcano and being surrounded by a lush rainforest setting complete the hot spring relaxation experience.


massage in summersThere are many options available to you when you plan a trip to one of the many Arenal hot springs. Some sites are lavish while others are less opulent, and the price will vary accordingly. You may have to bring your own towel to one hot spring, while you may be provided one at another, or you might have to rent one. Some have slides, bars and waterfalls. Most will have options of different pool temperatures to choose from.


Take the stress out of planning your hot springs visit. It’s sometimes difficult to know how reliable insects in costa ricaa vendor will be when you rely on their website and on-line reviews to guide you. In any case, making the right decision can be time consuming and might not provide you with exactly the experience you were hoping for. In short, having the help of a local professional can help guarantee that you will get the most out of your visit. The travel experts at Casa de Costa Rica will be happy to help you connect with the perfect visit to the Arenal hot springs, along with handy tips and discounts that you might not be able to find on your own. So, whether it’s a special occasion, romantic getaway, or personal healing experience you’re looking for, having the knowledge and experience of the local experts can’t be beat when planning your stay.

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