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We are heavily committed to supporting the local orphanage/children’s shelter. They take children from dangerous environments and give them the personalized educational, emotional and physical care that they need to try to overcome their victimization and become caring, contributing members of society. This shelter does extraordinary work, we are proud to support them and give a portion of every stay booked through us to support their efforts.

Many people ask what they can bring down with them and our response is actually this: They don’t need more stuff. 🙁 In fact they have rooms full of colouring books, clothes, shoes, sidewalk chalk etc. More than they will use in several years. What they really struggle with is the cost of feeding the kids!! So after educating ourselves for the last several years we’ve come to understand that the absolutely best way to help is to actually take a couple of the “aunts” or “grandmothers” shopping at the grocery store. Why? Because they can get literally FOUR TIMES what we can buy for the same amount of money, due to government subsidies and matching discount programs from the grocery store! So while it does feel good to show up with a bag of goodies, the best way to have a genuine impact that really helps is to go grocery shopping! 🙂

For more information about the “Hogarcito” go to Feel free to contact them directly if you speak Spanish and would like to do so. If you would like to volunteer your time, then we can arrange for you to play with the children or give the grateful staff a hand with projects such as painting, building playground gear, cooking or power-washing etc. The kids are always happy to have visitors and like kids everywhere, they can never get enough hugs. So bring a big smile and be prepared to make new friends!