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Hello, my name is William and I started this company almost by accident. I grew up in the Congo (now the DRC) as one of seven children born to a missionary couple. After returning to North America at age 15, I started university at 16 and went on to enjoy trying my hand at a number of careers including Fortune 500 business consultant, inventor/patent holder, writer/producer, even actor and part time musician in costa rica. I had a lot of fun but never got used to winter and always wanted to move back to the tropics!

While here for vacation in 2009, I used my 20 years of business development expertise to help a friend who had lost her job save her vacation home here by marketing it as a rental property. She was ecstatic and started telling her friends, then my phone started to ring with others who also had one-of-a-kind properties and wanted my help too! I suddenly had a vacation company.

I now have the honour of working with some of the nicest people and some of the most unique properties in the country. I’m a picky traveler with a lot of experience, so I’m very particular about the kind of experience that we deliver to our guests. I tell all of the property owners and service providers with whom we work the same thing: “I’m always the customer! One day I may look like a family of 5, another I may look like a couple on their Honeymoon. But no matter who is physically standing in front of you, it’s always me; so work hard to impress me!” As a result, everyone we work with goes the extra mile for our guests, which is why we have such wonderful reviews.

When the company began to grow, Laura joined the Casa de Costa Rica team. She helps with marketing, photography, logistics and customer service; everything from those first eye-catching photos to making sure your vacation plans go off without a hitch!

Our long-time Costa Rican friend Nohelia is now our newest employee! She will be helping our guests by answering any travel questions, helping with customer service and providing firsthand information of Costa Rica and all the amazing things it has to offer! Welcome to the Casa de Costa Rica family! 🙂

I love meeting my many guests, plus living and working here in paradise beats corporate office life hands down; we can’t wait to share it with you! Ask for our free, new, comprehensive vacation planning guide; we can help you narrow down the options, avoid the pitfalls and get you discounts on everything. Hope to see you soon!

Check out our “We are Casa de Costa Rica” video to learn more about us!