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Hot springs really depend on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. Hot Springs are the only activity that do not need to be booked in advance and can be paid upon entrance, except for The Springs and Tabacon which must be booked one day in advance.


Los Laureles is a local and personal favourite with its three large cold pools, several smaller hot pools, waterslides, covered picnic tables and a snack shack. You can bring your own food and drinks, although beverages are not allowed in the pools. Bring a small padlock to secure your belongings in the lockers provided. We recommend going during the week as weekends tend to be very crowded.

$12 pp. day pass only


Los Lagos is a good family option. It has two large cold pools, waterslides and numerous secluded hot pools. In addition to the pools it also offers spa facilities, a frog farm, crocodile farm and butterfly gardens.

$28 pp. with lunch or dinner or $15 for just the hot springs, including the discount


Eco Termales is perfect for adults because there are no waterslides or activities for kids. They limit the number of people to 100 at a time to prevent overcrowding. There are 2 time slots for passes 10-4 and 5-10 pm.

$59/adult and $38/child (5-11 years old) with a meal, $38/adult and $24.75/child for just the hot springs including a 5% discount


Baldi is a popular option. It offers four extreme waterslides, a kids’ water area, plus multiple pool areas.

$58/adult, $29/child with lunch or dinner or $36/adult, $18/child for just the hot springs


The Springs has reduced the price of their activities and day passes as a way to get people out to their facility. However, the prices for meals and beverages are very high ($8 for a beer that sells for $1 at the liquor store in town) and they do not allow outside food or drinks. They are a lush, upscale and attentive operation and if you don’t mind the price, then you probably won’t be disappointed. There is a guided tour of their wildlife preserve that runs every hour starting at 9:45 am until 3:45 pm for $10/person, which goes towards operating the sanctuary.

$94 pp. 2 day pass including lunch or dinner with 5% discount, $68 pp. 2 day pass hot springs only

Club Rio package includes two activities and one meal; $113/adult and $85/children 12 and under, including a 5% discount.


Free Hot Springs We do not recommend the free hot springs because there is a lot of petty theft around that area. If you do decide to use these hot springs, only take essential items and keep a close eye on your belongings.