La Fortuna Friday Market


The “Feria,” (Farmer’s Market,) is held every Friday in La Fortuna between the hours of 9am and 4pm in the “Salon Comonal,” (Community Salon,) which is located across the street from Super Rosvil and next to the former bull fighting stadium. Thankfully bull fighting has been outlawed in Costa Rica for years now, but the stadiums still serve as community spaces for dances, marching band competitions and more.

This little community market hosts vendors with a variety of produce, meat and fish, cheese, spices, baked treats, sauces, living flowers and more. This week we purchased a huge bunch of fresh spinach and another of purple lettuce for 600 colones (equivalent to about $1.10). Delicious! We also walked away with two whole, locally raised chickens for 7,000 colones (equivalent to about $13.00). What a deal!

You can also treat yourself to a typical Costa Rican lunch like fresh Arroz Con Pollo, (chicken with rice,) or Olla De Carne, (beef stew.) The selection of goods is best in the morning, so be sure to get there nice and early!