An Introduction

Hello everyone! Welcome to Casa De Costa Rica’s blog!

I thought about this first post long and hard and introducing myself and our company sounded like a great way to start it all off, so here we go!
My name is Nohelia (Noh-eh-leah), a 22 year old Costa Rican girl. I was born and raised in a small town, two hours away from the capital of Costa Rica; I have grown up being a lover of nature, animals –a little obsessed with sloths and hedgehogs – and talking. In a way, I feel like I worked really hard on teaching myself to speak English just so I would have more people to talk to!

I like being a free soul and experimenting challenges I would not have allowed myself to enjoy a few years back, and this is how Casa De Costa Rica and I ended up together! I moved out of home at 19 because I wanted to work in La Fortuna, near the Arenal Volcano, a new town with no familiar faces, a new job and a tiny apartment. Being new to his whole place, I decided to go out and hopefully meet some people I could connect with, and I met the lovely couple, William and Laura, at a co-worker’s birthday party. Although William had been living in Costa Rica for a few years when we all met, Laura was new and she wanted a Spanish teacher. So when they offered the chance to be her teacher, I accepted without question! I was their part time “profesora de español” and full time friend and I loved it! But eventually I had to stop the lessons because I had a full time job and it was getting too much… I still visited for their dinners because I always had a lot of fun and William is a great chef! (Hope you’re reading, William!)

After a couple of years in our friendship they asked me to become part of this amazing adventure that has been joining their property rental company! I couldn’t be happier, it has been a fantastic experience for me. In very little time I feel that I’ve grown and learned a lot working with them. As an added bonus I get to have a blog and write to you all about my beautiful country, our food and culture and some important tips about traveling here!
Well, as much as I’m enjoying writing this blog I will say bye for now, but be sure to come back for more next week! Thank you for reading!