Things You Need To Know

This is a work in progress. Tell us if you learn something important that you’d like to share with other travelers and we will post it here. 🙂

* When you are leaving the country, make sure to go to the line for paying exit taxes BEFORE you line up to check in with your airline! This will save you up to an hour of wasted time, depending upon how busy the airport is.

* NEVER exchange money at the airport kiosk. The rates they use are almost criminal; in some countries such rates really are a crime! Dollars and Colones are equally effective at paying for things. Check a CR bank website like Banco Nacional to see what the current exchange rate is. If you need to convert currency in CR, then do so at a gas station or at a bank.

* Make sure to take a photo of the information page of your passport and email it to yourself at an online email account like Hotmail or Gmail. This will save you a tremendous amount of grief if you lose your passport! Also, take a picture of the page of your passport that has your visa stamp once you’ve cleared customs and email it to yourself as well.